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A Christmas Story 2012 (A Political Satire)

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I Don't Want To Hear It!  I'll Move The Factory To China Or Mexico If You Keep It Up!!Conflict's Brewing

Santa Claus was in a fix.
The elves wanted more money and more time off. They had no union, and so Santa decided he'd had enough of their complaints.
"I'm going to move my shop! All of the toy making will go to China and the cheap labor rates they have! If you elves don't want to work for what I pay you, see what jobs you can get when the factory's gone!"
And with that, Santa went out to the stable to harness up the reindeer to his sleigh.
"They just don't realize how good they have it!" he said under his breath. "I've tried to give them the best working conditions, even though the heat does go out sometimes. And, I've always got their checks ready for them, although I did cut wages back this year. Hell, my wife and I have got new property to pay for in the Bahamas and there's only so much money to go around! They're completely ungrateful!"
I Don't Want To Hear It! I'll Move The Factory To China Or Mexico If You Keep It Up!!
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We're Fed Up!  You're Driving Us To The Poor House!
We're Fed Up! You're Driving Us To The Poor House!
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Hello, China!  Let's Talk About Moving A Factory!
Hello, China! Let's Talk About Moving A Factory!
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Not The Reindeer, Too!

When Santa opened the door to the stable and was shocked by what he saw! The reindeer were fighting each other, banging antlers against antlers and kicking hooves in a fervor.
"Stop this! Stop this! I'm telling you to stop this now!" he screamed at the top of his lungs.
Hearing his shouts, the reindeer stopped for a moment and turned their attention towards Santa. Out of breath and with anger in their eyes, his was an unnecessary intrusion.
"What's going on here?" Santa asked."You reindeer have the life! You only work one night a year! The rest of the time you can lounge around and enjoy life! Why in the world are you fighting each other?"
"It's because of you!" Rudolph yelled."You and your wage cutting have made it so we can't afford to eat, little lone feed our families. First, you make us all wear the same decorations so no one's offended. Then, you won't let me use my red nose anymore for fear that the others will get jealous. Next, you ignore contracts we've had and cut our pay so that you can get a bigger share of the profits, even though this is supposed to be a non profit organization. Finally, you cut back on feed for us saying you can't afford it and that we all need to go on a diet anyway! So, we're fighting over feed right now! Some of us barely have the strength to fight. Why, look at Dasher over there! He's not only old, but he's skinny and weak. His experience means nothing to you as you're getting ready to cast him out before his retirement age, just to save you from having to pay him a monthly check. You're not the same Santa you used to be. You're an ogre!"
Santa got so ticked off he turned around and as he started walking towards his house he hollered, "Well, you're all fired! I'm moving the toy factory to China anyway, so I'll just get cheaper reindeer there, or find some other country that has them cheap. Your experience isn't needed, just as long as I get the job done on Christmas Eve! Now, see how it feels to not have anything coming in the way of wages or food!"

Let's Git 'Er Done!

Barely finishing in time as the sun came up, Santa struggled to get the reindeer back to their stable. They were worn out from the evening's travels, even after missing many of the stops they should have made. Just not the quality he'd been used to traveling with, but they'd got the bulk of it done, and for half the price. So what if they'd missed a few.
As Santa and Mrs. Claus rested, soaking in the sun on the beach behind their Bahama vacation home, Santa thought about the holiday. Everything had seemed second rate. The toys weren't up to par, the reindeer were far from perfect, and he knew many children that had deserved toys had awaken to the disappointment of having none.
His old elves were either working in burger joints for minimum wage or on unemployment. The reindeer were homeless with their families, and either living in temporary Salvation Reindeer shelters or starving.
Yet, here he and his wife was, soaking up the rays of a tropical sun, sipping on fruity drinks, and enjoying the good life.
Yes, life was good!

A Final Thought On Christmas 2012

Many have memories of happy Christmas Seasons in the past, that won't be coming their way this year. Big business and governmental treaties have changed many lives for the worse, as jobs have flowed overseas. Still, the government brags about more and more created jobs (mostly in the $10 per hour poverty scale) being provided.
CEO's and upper level management get huge bonuses as the middle and bottom rungs starve. Yet, there is no guilt. That is the way it simply works out, or so they say. Sooner or later, many of them will find themselves in that same position. Only then do they protest the reality of the plight.
Christmas is supposed to be a time to remember the birth of Christ. The giving of gifts is reminiscent of the gifts bestowed the baby Jesus upon finding him in the stable. That is the simple meaning of Christmas and the gifts we bestow others.
The retail industry has used Black Friday to transform those beliefs we should hold into a shopping madness. Perhaps, this year, we should restrain our purchases to the absolute minimums. We do so not only to be wary of what may happen to us in the upcoming year, but in protest of where the gifts purchased are produced.
To support a country where Christmas has no meaning by purchasing the goods it produces for a Christian Holiday is just about as hypocritical as one can get. Instead, send the message to the manufacturers that you no longer accept these common practices of deception so they can enjoy the Bahamas, and other vacation paradises.
Perhaps, this is the year we all stick together. Hopefully, in upcoming years, what we wish all to receive from our hearts is truly what they can enjoy ...
"Merry Christmas!"

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