Sunday, March 31, 2013

Memories Must Be Remembered

To reminisce is to mind travel into the past and relive memories, good and bad. Our lives were all different, as we are all products from where we came. Still, we grew up in days of much in common. This list is provided not to replace the memories of which you cherish, but possibly, to help you remember some you've forgotten.

The question is simple, "Do you remember ....."

1. chasing an uncooperative puppy around the yard all afternoon?
2. tasting the sweetness of cotton candy for the first time?
3. being scared to death to ride the Ferris Wheel with you dad?
4. being overwhelmed by seeing your first movie in the theater?
5. the happiness and self satisfaction you felt the first time you were able to tie your shoes by yourself?
6. the utter frustration the next morning when you forgot how to tie your shoelaces and had to admit it to your mother?
7. falling in love with your first grade teacher who was the sweetest creature, besides your mom, that you had ever known?
8. that idiotic kitten that kept sharpening claws on your father's chair as he threatened to throw it outside?
9. feeling like you were on top of the world the first time you sat high in the sky on a horse's back?
10. catching a ball in your stiff, brand new baseball mitt?
11. the feeling of success to be riding your bike without training wheels for the first time?
12. the pain, anger and embarrassment at getting your first spanking?
13. telling everyone how old you were, being sure to add the 1/2 after the years so they'd know you were getting older by the moment?
14. sneaking a quick peak out from under the covers to see if all the scary monsters had left your room?
15. wanting bunk beds more than anything in the world, even though you knew you'd have to wait until your brother or sister grew up before you'd get the top bunk?
16. going under water in the swimming pool for the first time to see how long you could hold your breath and feeling you lungs feel like they'd explode?
17. the absolute wonderment at seeing your first Disney movie?
18. the mystery of trying to figure out how they got those ships in those little bottles?
19. the thrill mixed with fear of riding the big yellow school bus for the first time?
20. lying to your parents about why you were late coming home, after forgetting about time while talking to friends?
21. feeling of being all grown up your first day of high school, at least until freshmen initiations started by the evil juniors and seniors?
22. looking across the classroom in English Class and seeing that special someone that first made your heart flutter?
23. how embarrassed you were when the hip new outfit you had begged your parents to buy was the joke that everyone made fun of?
24. the first gag reflex you ever had when you had to dissect a frog in Biology Class?
25. the unique excitement and fear of your first date?
26. how wet and icky the experience of your first kiss was?
27. how you couldn't wait to see your true love and walk holding hands between high school classes?
28. the unique excitement and fear of your first date's reactions to romance at a drive-in movie?
29. the thrill of independence in getting your driver’s license?
30. how you despised and hated the one that had broken your heart?
31. the inconsistent running of your first car?
32. the beauty of the song that you swore would be yours for life?
33. the romance of the first slow song you danced to?
34. the dreaminess of the prom night you wished would last forever, or, at least your curfew?
35. getting nervous over going steady, knowing that summer was coming and you'd be going to college in the fall, without them?
36. the sense of strength of your graduation day and the excitement of that night's party?
37. how frustrated you felt, hating the burger joint job, the summer before college?
38. being out of high school and you parents still nagging you to clean up your room?
39. how you finally realized how much you were loved by your parents crying as you left for college?
40. the disgust you had when you first saw your first roommate at college?
41. how you thought class would never end with the professor that bored you the most?
42. the fantasies you created in your mind about the hot teaching assistant you desired?
43. how much fun it was getting drunk and sick for the first time?
44. how lousy you felt the morning of your first hangover?
45. the nerves and hands shaking at getting or giving your engagement ring?
46. the questions that flooded your brain trying to ruin your wedding day?
47. the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and all those going through it together?
48. suffering the pain together and thinking labor would never end?
49. the total joy of seeing your first child for the first time, after you passed out and finally woke up?
And, do you remember
50. how to thank God in recognizing how much you’ve had to cherish and remember, and praying for more?
We can’t live in the past, as we must live in accordance to our responsibilities of today.
Yet, we must never forget!

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